“Training” is Published!

The whirlwind of the past few months has been incredible and breathtaking in so many ways, but it looks like it’s finally coming to an end because “Training My Heart to Rejoice” is officially published and available for sale wherever you buy books online. I’m still a little bit shocked that everything has come together as quickly as it has, but honestly I couldn’t be more blessed. My personal journey of joy aside, just seeing God do this so quickly and so effortlessly in order to get this message out into the world has been truly inspiring, and I’m humbled to be involved in it.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped and encouraged me along the way – to my Pastors, Rebekah and Quincy Gibbs, who have encouraged and prayed for me during this process, my friends and family who have supported me and cheered me on along the way, and my BFF/SNOO (Best Friend Forever/Support Network of One) Rashada Nunez from https://designsbyrashada.com who designed the cover for me on an unrealistically tight deadline.


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