Discovering Faith

NEC FaithDiscovering Faith Along A Narrow Way

By Paula Casill

30 short teachings on the essential and powerful role that faith plays in our lives as Christians.

We all know the essential role that faith plays in our lives as Christians. But how do we increase our faith in times of doubt or struggle? How do we strengthen our faith when we are feeling weak? And what about when things are going well – what role does our faith play during those seasons of our lives? As Christians our faith is more than just a belief system or a religious worldview. Faith is a powerful force, a tool that we have been given by God which is literally powerful enough to move mountains. If you are ready to tap into the power of your faith, then let the teachings in this book encourage you along your way.

Originally written as entries for the blog Along A Narrow Way, each of these short devotional teachings will encourage you to build your faith upon a firm Biblical foundation, to strengthen it daily, and to use it in mighty ways to glorify your Father in Heaven.

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