Discovering Growth

Growth CoverDiscovering Growth Along A Narrow Way

By Paula Casill

30 short teachings on the life-changing process of growing and maturing as a Christian.

Christianity begins in a moment of decision, in a single act of surrender, but that is not where it is designed to end. Once you begin to live the life of a Christian, your spirit must be ever changing, ever maturing, ever growing, and ever developing into the image of Christ.

Just like a tree whose roots grow deeper and whose branches grow higher every day of its life, so we as Christians are born to be in a state of constant growth. If you desire to press into a higher level of maturity in your Christian walk, then allow the words of these teachings to encourage and challenge you!

Originally written as entries for the blog Along A Narrow Way, each of these short devotional teachings will provoke you to move further along the path that the Lord has laid out for you, and inspire you to press deeper into the things of God.

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