My Brother’s Keeper

bbe69-mbkebookcoverMy Brother’s Keeper: Redefining Relationships in the Body of Christ

By Paula Casill

For Christians attempting to live godly lives, the relationships that we have with one another are often a source of confusion and frustration. We want to live in peace and love with one another. Why is it, then, that we so easily find strife, anger, bitterness, and division in our Christian relationships?

Perhaps the problem is that we are approaching our relationships in Christ from the wrong perspective. Society tells us that it is our responsibility to look out for ourselves and to protect our own interests. But under that system, is it any wonder that so many relationships are riddled with conflict, stress, and scars? More importantly, does this perspective of self-preservation line up with what God teaches us in His Word?

Maybe it is time for us to reassess what it means to be a member of the Body of Christ by asking ourselves a few simple questions:

  • How did God design my relationships to function?
  • What is the root cause of my conflicts?
  • How responsible am I for the lives of my brothers and sisters?
  • What can I do today to live in peace and unity with others?
  • Am I, in fact, my brother’ keeper?

This book delves into all of these questions and more in a Biblical examination of how we, as believers, are designed to work, live, and relate with one another; and it will provide you with a series of practical guidelines that will empower you to relate to your brothers and sisters in Christ in the way that God intended.

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