Starting Fresh

pen-notebook-1463345-1280x960It’s the beginning of a new year, and like so many others, I am looking into the next 12 months with a sense of determination and promise. I’ve never placed much stock in “resolution” per se. I’ve always thought they were too easy to walk away from once February hit. But I can’t help but see the start of a new year as the perfect opportunity to start changing things.

One of the things I want to change this year is this website – specifically the content of my blog. For a long time I wasn’t sure what I wanted this site to be, or what I wanted to say. It was just a place to jot down the things I wanted to share with the world about my personal experiences in writing and publishing.

But I’ve decided that it’s time to change that. So now that we’re walking into 2016, I’m going to change the focus of my writing here. Instead of writing about writing, I’d like to focus more on sharing the little things that God is showing me in His word – the details I’d never noticed before, the passages that He’s using to encourage me, or the things He’s showing me that don’t necessarily tie in to the books I’m working on (and yes, I am working on a few books right now).

I’m not saying that I’ll never have anything to say about writing ever again. I’m sure as publication dates approach and the pressure builds I’ll have plenty to vent. But for the most part, I’m planning to change my focus here. It’s time for a fresh start.


Ok, I've done enough talking - what do you have to say?

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