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Rejoice Book Cover

Training My Heart to Rejoice

As Christians we have access to a level of joy that goes beyond natural happieness or matierial fulfillment. The joy of the Lord is gift from God that increases our spiritual strenght, our satisfaction, and even our mental health.

In this 7 week devotional, you will find a series of simple, bite sized teachings on joy. Each one is taken directly from scripture and applied in practical ways to our everday lives. If you would like to live a life filled with more joy, this book is an excellent place to start. It will help you to begin each day with the right perspective, and give you tools and tips to help you maintain a joy-filled life.

Dream Chasers Cover

Dream Chasers: Living in Pursuit of a God-Sized Dream

If you have a dream in  your heart that you believe is from the Lord (or even if you don’t) this book is a must-read. Centered around the Biblical stories of some of the most influential people of their day, Dream Chasers lays out a firm spiritual and practical foundation for chasing after and attaining your dreams in a godly way.

This book will not give you 5-steps-to-guranteed-success or any canned formulas like that. What it will do is guide you, step by step, through the proper perspectives, attitudes, and actions that any Christian should use in order to align their lives (and their dreams) more closely to God’s will.


My Brother’s Keeper: Redefining Relationships in the Body of Christ

My Brother’s Keeper is an in-depth examination of God’s ideal relationship model as defined in the Bible and how it differs from the relationship models that we so often mimic from the world.

With an emphasis on mercy, forgiveness, servanthood, and selflessness, this book will challenge Christians to live their lives in a way that more closely follows the example that Jesus has set for His people.

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Author: Paula Casill


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